Four Instagram Ad Mistakes You Definitely Need to Avoid

 Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Inspired by many content creators, vloggers, and entrepreneurs, many startups are using Instagram to promote their products and services. Looking at the increasing demand, we have already posted a blog about the Instagram best practices last week from our Instagram advertising series. In case you haven’t read our recent post, get started here.

When you look at the Instagram feed, you will find many businesses that are new on Instagram and even after deploying the best practices, they are still committing some mistakes while planning their IG ad campaigns. 

In this blog, we are going to talk about some non-obvious mistakes that you are making, and this brings us to the end of our Instagram Advertisement series. Take a look and know what not to do while running Instagram ad campaigns.

Four Instagram Ad Mistakes You Definitely Need to Avoid

When it comes to Instagram ad mistakes, some mistakes can be corrected easily. But, the problem arises when we don’t know that the practice we are following is sabotaging our creativity and stunting our business growth. Here are some non-obvious mistakes that you may have not realized you have been making. 

Lack of Direction

The first mistake is the lack of direction that may ruin your Instagram ad campaign. When you are promoting your business over Instagram, you have to be specific about your goals because there is a different pathway for each goal. Think about what you want to do with your ad, whether it is engagement, traffic, brand awareness, conversion, or sales. 

Once you determine the end goal, you will be able to align other activities in a better way to get the desired results.

Targeting the Wrong Audience

Another mistake that most startups make is, targeting the wrong audience. For example, you run a healthcare apparel business, and you are targeting fashion enthusiasts; think, are they going to buy from you? There’s a chance but a better target would be to health care workers, even though you are in the clothing industry.  Before starting an ad campaign on Instagram, better familiarize yourself with the audience you are dealing with.

We recommend you to analyze the audience based on their demographic, behavior, age group, profession, location, interest, and preferences.

Ignoring Quality Visuals

Instagram is a visual-centric platform, which indicates that visuals be it videos, GIFs, or images all are the essence. People take delight in engaging with these visuals and like sharing them on their walls. Ignoring visuals on such a platform seems like a blunder that may lead to difficulty in retaining your audience. The audience generally loses interest if you pick boring, uninspiring, and dull images, which affect your fan base. 

So, whenever you choose images or any other visual for your ads, make sure they are of high quality and presented in the correct format. Always use edited visuals, which gives them a professional finish for which you can resort to various online tools available.

Confusing Ads with Confusing Content 

Many content creators and entrepreneurs are creating fabulous ad content; still, they lack retention. It is because they aren’t adding captions to their IG story videos or other forms of content. When you scroll through Instagram, you might have observed that Instagram ad videos are automatically muted, and you have to unmute them to listen to what the other person is conveying. 

But, you have to understand the audience behavior where people hardly take the pain to unmute the videos, and they just scroll through the feed non-stop. So, what’s the solution? Make sure you add precise captions to your videos and images to get the message loud and clear, which will not confuse the audience. And; still, they get the message about what is being talked about in the post.

So, above were some of the non-obvious Instagram ad mistakes that people generally don’t realize that slowly deteriorate their brand on Instagram. We have discussed these so that you better avoid them and indulge in ethical and healthy Instagram advertising practices.

If you are a busy entrepreneur and not able to handle your Instagram page, let us know. Walibu will help you create stunning content and follow a strategic approach to promote your offerings on Instagram and other social channels. Get started with us here!

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