Facebook Marketing Strategies

 Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Facebook Marketing Strategies

Did you know that the audience you are trying to reach is not exactly consuming the same media that you are using to reach them. This is the reason why, your return on investment doesn’t pan out with the traditional advertising strategy. Marketing and advertising are rapidly changing and you need to stay ahead of the curve to maximize your ad spend return on investment.

With the evolution of social media and its fast global adoption, the way of reaching or targeting an audience has changed. Advertising on TV is no longer the sure thing it once was. One increasingly attractive and effective option is to utilize Facebook Ads.

You might think of Facebook as a place to watch cat videos, or like baby pictures and catch up with news about your friends & family. Yes, it is but with time it has also emerged as a potent tool for small and medium sized businesses as well.

Here are a few reasons why:

New TV - Facebook

Years ago, people used to watch TV on a regular basis to watch their favorite programs and along the way, they saw advertisements; but now TV is as wildly fragmented as the Internet. In 2017, nearly 22.2 million * adults had cut the cord on their cable/satellite TV. By 2021, pay TV audience will shrink nearly 10%. Meanwhile, Facebook now commands “50 minutes a day” **, on average, of consumer’ time. You can easily see how Facebook can turn into the new prime TV.

Lookalike Audiences

"Lookalike Audiences," a Facebook ad product, looks at your existing customers and scans through 2 billion members of the social network to find consumers who have the same attributes as your existing audience. Steph Korey, an entrepreneur told The New York Times *** that she got $5 back for every $1 she spent on Lookalike audience ads. That's a solid ROI on advertising spend.

Lead Campaigns

Facebook gives you an amazing opportunity to advertise a product/service before launching the actual product/service. On Facebook, you can test your business in real-world conditions for a few hundred dollars and review the response & feedback that you receive from your target audience.

Facebook's Lead Ads let you run an ad where you can collect your desired information from the audience that is interested in your business. When the interested person clicks on the ad they will have to submit few of their details before proceeding. These details can comprise of name, email address, phone number, location, etc. By conducting such ad campaigns you can develop a strong database of your potential customers. 

No wonder why many businesses now are building their companies around Facebook marketing campaigns. Facebook is no longer about baby photos and wedding announcements, it's about using the data of 2 billion people to supercharge your marketing.

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