Facebook for Business?

 Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Facebook for Business?

Facebook is the biggest interconnected community of individuals that has ever existed. Without leaving your home, you are now able to reach out to millions of customers, what a stunning opportunity for business expansion! More than 1.8 billion people use Facebook every month and 1 out of every 5 minutes people in the US spend on mobile is on Facebook or Instagram. Facebook has eventually developed itself as a platform that can be utilized to expand your influence all over the internet.

Here are three ways to use Facebook for Business

Be a part of Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are very much like networking events, formed of people sharing similar interests. Being a part of the right groups and actively participating in the discussions can lead you to develop thousands of new connections and also open doors to forming new customers as well as business partners. Large companies spend billions of dollars on A/B testing to identify their right audience. While being a part of Facebook Groups enables you to directly interact with your target audience.

Facebook Groups are also the only way to connect with individuals on Facebook who are not your friends but have the same interests as you. When you join a group you get access to thousands of such individuals and you can interact with anyone and everyone.

Develop Relevant Content

You and Facebook sort of need the same thing – Promote content that generates interest. When a user decides to share/like/comment on your content, your post gets exposed to that individual’s friends – giving it more opportunity to be shared further. This will get your post more reactions which will create a Credible – Significant impression of you to every viewer. When you are part of a Facebook Group and you present relevant content to people sharing similar interest, there is a very high probability of your content getting viral.

Invest in Facebook Advertising

Many businesses are not fully aware of the potential of Facebook Advertising. If done right and used strategically, Facebook Ads are much more about investments than expenses. If you think Facebook Ads need a ton of money, you are wrong. Even with just $5 a day you can start to scale.

Need a New or Improved Social Media Presence – Hire Waibu

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