Facebook Ads - Here’s Why!

 Tuesday, February 25, 2020

With the constantly evolving marketing landscape, businesses keep adopting new ways to market their product and services. They rely more on modern marketing solutions than traditional to generate more business and emerge as a market-leading brand. 

Many businesses use SEO and other digital marketing services to promote their products and expand in their industry. However, with several digital marketing tools and tactics at disposal, business owners often get confused and can’t find the best-fit solution to market their offerings. If you too are confused, you might find a perfect advertising solution in this post. 

Win More Customers With the Power of Facebook Ads

One of the most effective and widely adopted marketing tools is Social Media. People carry their phones in their pocket everywhere they go, and on these phones, they have their social media accounts which they visit multiple times a day. Well, your customers are also a part of this social-media-savvy mass. 

Among all the social media platforms, the most popular and effective one is Facebook. You can’t ignore the potential opportunities that Facebook has to offer to your business. Many businesses drive ridiculous amounts of revenue by marketing through Facebook. And trust us, they spend a lot less than what they would spend on traditional marketing.

We at Walibu consider the Facebook Ad platform as one of the most productive and result-oriented solutions to build brand awareness and drive more revenue. Missing out on Facebook Ads can cost you a lot of business. Here are a few reasons why you should be using Facebook Ads - 

Your Audience in on Facebook

Your potential customers are waiting for you to find them. With nearly 2 billion users and 22 billion ad clicks per year, Facebook is providing you with the largest advertising opportunity in today’s marketing world.

Budget Smart

Yes, you read it right. 

Facebook ads are far less expensive as compared to other traditional marketing tactics. And at the same time, they are much more effective as well. The main reason why “Only having a Facebook Page” (without advertising it) won’t work is – there are less chances of people searching your company on Facebook > following your page > visiting your website > learning about your services > and then buying from you and/or becoming a lead – “ORGANICALLY”!

You need to get a spot for your brand on your target audience news feeds and you can adjust your ad budget as low as $1 per day. If you run a monthly campaign with a budget of $1 per day you will be able to reach nearly 4000 new people that wouldn’t be able to find you on Facebook otherwise. 

Expectational Targeting

Facebook offers targeting capabilities that can let you show your ad to the exact customer persona that your desire. With many targeting variables like behaviors, interests, demographics, connections, age, languages, and locations, you can filter your audience down to the ones that are most likely to buy from you.


Facebook allows you to target an audience that has already visited your site, or like your page or have engaged to a specific post or have shown interest in your services at some level. 

As these users have already shown interest in your offerings, they are more likely to buy from you. Facebook Remarketing ads allow you to give them a gentle reminder of what they were interested in earlier.

Clone Customers

Once you come across a target audience that has the most conversion rate, you can now clone the audience and Facebook will find new people for you that have the same attributes, improving your chances of getting results.

Team Walibu can assist you to build and maintain an active presence of your brand on Facebook. We are experts in Social Media Marketing and know how to keep your fans engaged and boost conversions.  To know more or to get started, CLICK HERE or Email us at team@walibu.com 

We look forward to being a part of your web design, technology, and marketing team!


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