Essential Marketing Tools During COVID-19

 Tuesday, April 21, 2020

COVID-19 has changed the way businesses interact with their customers. While the economy of several countries are at stake, businesses need to put in even more efforts during these times to produce the same or even less results. Brands are striving to retain their customers, while at the same time bringing on new customers; we look into a way that businesses can not only do this with direct efforts, but also indirectly, that work 24/7.

While we take the stance of “the more marketing, the better” we must also put our efforts in the best allocation to reap the most reward. Identifying the priority structure can be a feat just in itself but one avenue that we always recommend is Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the ongoing process of driving your site to the top of search engines and keeping them there. Page 1 of search engines is where business happens in Today’s world, and that’s where you need to be. While this is always important, with the stay at home orders and the increased number of people and businesses relying on digital technologies exclusively, this could be more important now than ever.

Brick and mortar businesses have already taken to shutting down their physical locations, leaving only online interactions as a possibility. With 79% of the total global desktop traffic search in Google's share, organic traffic can be one of the best avenues for new clients. In fact, 57% of B2B marketers say SEO is their most significant lead generation factor, and so investing in an SEO campaign is certainly a business-friendly idea in these uncertain times. 

Here's what makes SEO the best digital marketing arsenal during the Coronavirus pandemic

Organic search persists

While social distancing rules over the world, online interaction of the audience with brands will never disappear. People will continue to search online (even more while sitting at home), some about how to stabilize their lifestyle in COVID-19. It is all about how you put forward your brand to match the needs and expectations.

Long-term strategy never fails

Many businesses have cut down on their efforts to survive in the market. You can get across the pandemic, aiming for long-term results. Maybe now you find it a little tricky to go with SEO and content marketing, but when the time would change its trend, you will be the one who's ready to lead. 

Try to optimize your content according to the present situation, and start creating fresh copies for higher conversions in the future. 

User experience treats the audience very well

The very reason why you should hire an SEO company now is to improve user experience. When you tweak every element of your website design for better performance, you are actually increasing the time people would stay on your site. 

An easy-to-use site with effective navigation compels your visitors to explore your services. Sitting ideal is already frustrating for them; for sure you don't want to lose your leads because of an unresponsive website. 

Relevance speaks of trust and expertise

Leading through relevance makes customers believe that you're aware of their situation and ready to solve their problems. Keep your content relevant to the contemporary world or events that relate to your industry. Hire SEO services to look after your CTAs (Calls to Actions), keyword strategy, links, and other website components. 

You may or may not create content on COVID-19. But make it well-researched, rich in facts and figures, and most importantly, recent. Address the problems of your customers and then explain how you are going to change their lives.

Outreach irrespective of physical location

No matter where your business is, people are looking for you online. A local or global sector, you can still reach your audience if you instill the best SEO practices. While local businesses can strategize for a specific region, global franchises can utilize thought leadership content for promotion all over the world. 

What's more? You can choose to make your website multilingual, targeting different markets with ease. The only investment you would make is to handover your optimization tasks to a professional SEO company

Reap the benefits of a perfect SEO strategy to beat the corona-effect on the economy. At Walibu, a leading digital marketing company, we have exceptional talent at your service. We can offer you the best marketing, web design, and custom software development services to assist you in maintaining a valuable online presence. 

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