Don’t be fooled by fake SEO and website companies

 Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Don’t be fooled by fake SEO and website companies

The internet and SEO industry has taken off and with any booming market you will find a few bad apples. We made a list of 5 things to look for so you don’t get duped by someone trying to sell you fake product and empty promises…

1 You get an email about your website, domain or something else you don’t have or don’t run through them.

This is a more popular one we see. It gets people worried that they might need to ‘unlock a password’ for their domain or some other excuse so that their site wont go down. Do not click on these emails. Call the company you work with or go straight to admin on their site to check if any action needs to be taken. A good way to spot a scam is if the email address it comes from ends with @gmail or @yahoo and is not from the company it claims to be. Notice our emails come from

2 You get solicited from someone that uses free software from the internet.

Why would you pay high dollars for someone to be a middle man who uses free software they pulled from the internet? You want to make sure the company you are working with has their own server and is not just plugging your information into a premade format.

3 One way to weed out fake SEO companies is to ask them if they can guarantee #1 ranking in google.

If they say yes then they are just trying to make a sale. No one can guarantee ranking as google doesn’t share how the algorithm works and they are constantly changing it.

4 Speaking of algorithm; ask the company if they are up to date on new changes to google search criteria.

If they can explain to you what the Google Panda Update is and approximately when it came out then it means they do their research and are keeping up on the changes.

5 They don’t have any employees or an office.

This is what we call a fly by night company. We have clients around the country that have never been to our office so sometimes this is not possible but they know our address and can look us up along with our references to solidify that we are a legitimate business that can be trusted. If a company has no history or real presence that is a big red flag.

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