Digital Marketing and Thanksgiving

 Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Digital Marketing and Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we’re already dreaming about the turkey and stuffing, the sweet apple pie, the football games, and spending great times with family and friends. Today at Walibu are thinking about the common traits shared between Thanksgiving Dinner and Digital Marketing.


The Turkey dinner doesn’t just happen. It takes shopping lists, wine selection, house cleaning, allotting duties to family members, waking up early to put the turkey in the oven, etc. Similarly, digital marketing strategy takes planning. It can be tempting to go digital and throw up website, blogs, social media etc. but to be effective, forming a right marketing strategy is very important.


The same was as you require a recipe for Grandma’s original pecan pie, you also require a strategy for your firm’s digital marketing. All the elements like website, SEO optimization, social media, email marketing, etc. needs to be balanced and planned out. Always remember that digital marketing strategy is something that can be improved with time.  


Your invite and home should be engaging and inviting to guests, just like your website, marketing and overall user experience. Your website should be responsive which will enable you to reach clients on all types of devices (desktop, mobile, tablet, and more). Having the right content is also very important as the primary item that will drive profits for you is your own, unique content.


Now that the meal is prepped and the feast is served, it’s time to enjoy and celebrate. Once you execute a well-planned campaign, profits will increase and it takes your business to the next level. A great digital marketing agency becomes a significant asset to your business, an extension that will create a lot of moments for you to celebrate.

Outsourcing Digital Marketing makes sense on many levels as it is the most effective, flexible and affordable option for small businesses. Feel free to reach out to us if you are interested in improving the online presence of your business. Our passionate and enthusiastic team will be very happy to help you grow your business. If you have any questions about this let us know!