Different Formats of Facebook Marketing

 Tuesday, February 9, 2021

The advent of social media has truly changed the way we live our lives. It has led to the development of a social revolution that makes us stay relevant and updated. Not just individuals, but businesses are also using the platform to build a connection with their audience and promote their products and services. 

One of the social media platforms that’s equally popular amongst individuals and businesses is Facebook. With 2.60 billion monthly active users, it’s a leading social networking platform that reaches 60.6% of the internet users. With an outstanding reach, it has become a top-most priority for marketers to promote their businesses. Facebook, in order to support the businesses, has made the platform business-friendly by introducing Facebook Ads. You can now easily advertise your business by just creating a business profile. 

Facebook facilitates marketing in different ad formats. Let us walk you through each of them - 

Photo Ads

Photo ads are unarguably the easiest kinds of Facebook ads. They look like just any other personal post in your newsfeed. Easy to create and set up, these are the most versatile options for beginners. The ad includes an image, a call to action, and a link to the landing page. The image specifications required 1200×628 pixels with a minimum width and height of 600 px. Since image plays an important role, make sure to choose a powerful image.

Video Ads

Since video marketing drives high engagement and conversions, it’s one of the most popular ad types. Facebook allows video to auto-play during scrolling in the newsfeed. If you make your ad interesting enough, the user will stop scrolling and watch the ad. A short video of 15-30 seconds is recommended with a maximum file size of 4 GB. 

Slideshow Ads

If you want to use storytelling as your marketing tool, slideshow ads work best. You can add 3-10 photos with the help of a slideshow creation tool in the Facebook ads manager. It offers branded formats, music, text overlays, and other fun features. You can also create a slideshow of your own and upload it as a video.

Carousel Ads

Carousel ads are a collection of 2-10 cards where each card works as a separate product ad. You can add different images, CTAs,  and links to various landing pages. It works best when you want to advertise multiple products at once. 

Canvas Ads

Canvas Ads, also known as Instant Experiences, facilitates full-screen mobile ads that are immersive and interactive. It delivers a microsite experience that allows people to click, scroll, swipe, and tap to engage with brands right there. It allows a combination of photos, videos, and text to create the ad.

Dynamic Product Ads

Dynamic product ads promote your products and services to users who have previously expressed interest in your products anywhere on the Internet. It uses the Facebook tracking pixel feature to track the users. You only need to set the campaign once, and it keeps working for as long as you want. 

To run a successful Facebook ad campaign, you need to choose an objective. It could be brand awareness, lead generation, app installments, conversions, traffic, or anything else. Not every format is right for your business objective. You may need different formats at different time periods. 

To know the right kind of Facebook ad format for your business, consult Walibu, a full-service digital marketing platform. Our talented team will help you master your social media marketing strategy and other digital marketing strategies. Reach out to us today to take your business to the next level with Facebook marketing.