Design Hacks to Increase Conversion

 Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Increase Your Conversions With These Clever Design Hacks

SEO, content marketing, PPC ads, social media marketing, - these marketing strategies focus on driving more traffic to your website. After your audience has found your site, you need to encourage them to become customers, which means more revenue - that’s what conversion optimization focuses on. 

User experience has everything to do with conversion rates. How would you respond to a website that had poor, inconsistent navigation, small text, horizontal scroll, unorganized content, or other annoying design elements? You’d leave of course. Minimizing these items can help you keep your traffic on your site and drive more conversions.

A clever and intuitive website design is an essential part of enhancing customer experience and increasing conversion rates. Here are the design hacks you need to learn to grow your business.

5 Design Hacks to Boost Website Conversions

Make Simplicity a Conscious Choice

Our average attention span is now 8 seconds! If your visitor cannot find the information they are looking for amidst the clutter of widgets, pop-ups, and flashy graphics, they are most likely to leave your website.

When it comes to website design, more might not be the best. A clean, straightforward design keeps your visitors’ minds decluttered. Moreover, it looks aesthetically pleasing and is easier on the eye, impelling users to explore your website more. 

Build a Frustration-Free Navigation

Improper or confusing navigation is the most annoying feature of a website. If your visitors can’t figure out their way on different areas of your website, you are giving them a reason to bounce. 

Sure, it would’ve been ideal if every visitor began from your homepage and followed the same path throughout the entire website. Since that’s not the case, ensure that your navigation structure allows users to land on any page they want in under 3 clicks. 

Use Big and Bold Typography

The typography on your website is a medium of dual communication - verbal and visual. Not only what you write in your copy is essential but how you write is vital too. 

Bold and big letters send a clear and strong message depicting you as an invincible brand. Moreover, the correct font size attracts the reader’s attention and enhances brand recognition.

Make the Design Responsive

Half of the website traffic comes from mobile devices. Therefore, your website must have both desktop and mobile responsiveness. 

Choose a mobile-friendly design, keep images and CSS as light as possible, and place CTAs according to how we hold our mobile phones. Including such changes will help you tap into a broader consumer base. 

Choose Colors Wisely

Did you know colors evoke emotions in humans? Every color has an impact on your mind and unconsciously regulates your behavior. 

Website owners generally decide the website theme color as per their choice, product color, or aesthetics. However, you should create a combination that evokes the emotions that your brand wants to convey. Also, keep the contrast high on the elements that you want to be noticeable. Such methods drive consumers towards making decisions that you want them to make. 

Remember, website design should put users first. Implement these techniques one by one and create a website that makes it easier for the users to take action. 

If this feels overwhelming to you, please do worry not. Partner with our website development agency and learn how we can help you skyrocket your sales with brilliant web design solutions. Contact us today to get started.