Creating Opportunities During COVID-19

 Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Even though digital business was rampant prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, our new normal is going to be even more digital. We will adapt to conducting business online and be more efficient doing so. What some may see as a business threat, we see as a huge opportunity, an opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and build your digital presence even stronger. Read on for a few tips on gearing up your digital presence.

“There are two perfect times to plant a tree, 5 years ago and today”

Coronavirus has fluctuated the normalcy of the world. No one's unaffected from the havoc. While there are concerns for uninfected living, some businesses are struggling to retain themselves in the current market. 

Being one of those business owners, you can choose to either sit idle, cross your fingers and wait a few more months or take this chance to utilize the opportunity. 

If you are willing to outweigh the impact of the pandemic, here's how you can refine your digital marketing strategy, gaining an edge over your competitors. The post-coronavirus world could be a fair chance for you to stay on the top of your consumers' minds. 

Three marketing arsenals to use during coronavirus outbreak

Time to revamp your website

When your competitors are panicking, you can sit at your home with peace and scan your website thoroughly. Maybe it needs rejuvenation to appear at its best in the future. You can utilize this time to redesign your website, replacing all the elements that make it outdated. 

Focus on the components that can help you boost your conversions. Call to action (CTAs) must be your priority. Ensure all of them are doing their job productively. 

Employ website optimization strategies to improve the performance of every element of your site. Inspect the interface of your website; tweak it according to the latest trends in web design. 

While you can start thinking more about how to lead, remote working professionals will renew your website design during the lockdown period. 

Use SEO strategies to optimize your website for higher rankings

People sitting at their homes are more inclined towards Google searches. Looking for ways to ease their quarantine, they keep flooding the search bars with their queries. It is the best time you can utilize to optimize your website for these searches and improve your online visibility. 

Make content your best shot—rank keywords through blogs. Educate your consumers about what can be beneficial for them at this moment. Search for terms that perfectly define your business and its applications. Curate content by injecting those keywords. Update the existing content to meet the current drifts.

Local SEO can be your best bet now. Let people remain safe around their homes while you can provide them what they need a few steps away. Hire an SEO company to prepare your website for the "near me" searches. 

Connect with your audience using Social Media Marketing

Being away from your customers doesn't mean you cannot meet them. The critical situation demands unity, and you can promote it via your brand. People are sticking to social media more than ever, looking for ways to stay connected in the isolated world. 

Your competitors would suffer a lot, missing on the opportunity to strike when the iron is hot! Why don't you meet people at a place where they are already waiting? 

The pandemic has led to an increase in the online engagement of audiences on social media platforms. Share your good deeds in the time of crisis on these platforms, letting more people value your brand. Smart social media marketing at this moment can help you go a long way!

At Walibu, we are looking forward to helping our clients jump in front of the competition with their marketing weapons ready. From professional SEO services to managing your brand reputation, we will make sure you get across the situation with a victory. Contact our experts today. 

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