Create Meaningful Relationships through Social Media

 Wednesday, May 24, 2017

How to Create Meaningful Relationships through Social Media

Not all the engagement made is meaningful. Certainly, some engagement is superior to none, however gratefully, we've moved past the days when impressions were the brilliant standard in deciding the success rate of a campaign. However, if you believe that likes and comments are all you need to conduct a successful advertising campaign, you might need to polish your knowledge. Here are three key elements you need to be aware of ensure a meaningful social engagement.

Here are Three Key elements for developing Meaningful Relationship through Social Media:

  1. Long term commitment – Many advertisers consider customers touchpoints as a way to approach fans to make a purchase as quickly as possible. While a good effort, most of the time it leads to short-sighted tactics and content that doesn’t really do the right job of educating readers. Most of the audiences aren’t in a “purchase now” state of mind, and pushing against their will for an e-commerce experience has high opportunity cost. Yes, there is a probability of people making a purchase, but the rest will remember that your brand is mostly concerned about itself, not the needs and challenges of its followers. Instead, thinking of each touchpoints in terms of a larger customer journey where each adds to the probability of a chance to build relationships with followers and remind them that your brand exists because of them. 
  2. Keep it quick and sweet – Social media is possibly the best platform a brand could enter where everyone is (virtually) alive over each other, planning to get your consideration. Looking through a news-feed can also be like driving down the freeway at 200 miles per hour when brands attempt to pack as many impressions as possible into a post of content. Put simply: The more brands that are shouting their presence into the internet, the less audience will listen. Instead of bombarding fans, try using each post as a teaser, encouraging individuals to visit your website for more information. Sometimes, a video can include more key elements of the story, allowing viewers to gain more information, but that’s usually the exception to the rule. 
  3. Customize it – Almost all the content shared on social media platforms is personal. Why? Because each time you compose a post for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc, you are making content that is interesting for individuals to read/view. So the reason behind the generic approach of all the brand, encouraging you to “share the post” is focus on getting more reach and making their content gain an extra engagement through the loyal virtual fan base. By building a share component with personalization, brands can expect considerably higher engagement, including shares and return visitors to their experiences. 

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