Capture the New Consumers - Locally Remote

 Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Capture the New Remote Way of Living 

While the pandemic has forced many small businesses to change from in-person to remote, it has also created something biz owners can use to their advantage - increased the value of being found in local search. 

Although normalcy seems to be in the near future, people's knowledge and mode of operation will stay the same when it comes to utilizing technology and living remotely. This means, even those within range of visiting your location in-person, still need to be captured remotely. 

Read on to see how to cast your digital net and catch more clients.

Today, 88% of people are connected to their local vendors and stores for easy accessibility. As a small business owner, this is the time to up your game and reach out to your local communities to offer your services, but that doesn’t start with just Search Engine Optimization (SEO.) There’s a strategy you need to follow - and that’s exactly what we’ll discuss today. 

If you’ve already found your SEO rockstar, you must know that getting local SEO right can lift the website traffic, brand name, recognition, and revenue. When you’re competing on a regional level with other SMBs, it’s essential to know the insider tips to enhance your visibility across search engines. If you’re ready to grow your small business to drive website visits, sales, and higher levels of foot traffic in your store, here are some expert tips to get you started.

Tips to Get Local SEO Right for Your Small Business

Focus on Quality of Content

Content for your website will include blog posts, videos, photographs, and social media ads. Anything that is displayed on your website should be of the best quality. It should attract eyes and grab attention. Even if the content is a paragraph of words, the headline should be creative enough to stop fingers from scrolling down. 

Don’t Drag and Cram Keywords

Look for the right keyword that matches your product or service. There are keyword search tools available online, like Google AdWords, which will help in finding the best suitable keywords. Distribute them evenly across all web pages. Don’t overstuff and make your content congested. Using the right number can scale your visibility faster. 

Pick Strong Sites for Linking

Find influential resources that can carry your links to your site. The more you are involved in different areas, the higher you’ll rank in searches. However, don’t just pick obscure blogs, but choose sites that provide quality content. Talk to them about adding links to their places; you can add their links to yours in exchange. 

Get Social With Social Media

Leverage social media to get found in your area. Creating your company’s account on Facebook or Twitter will help in the search result when the audience searches for your company or related term. If you understand your audience and know how they act online, you’ll be able to get the right traffic to your business. 

Consistency is the Key

Be consistent with your performance. Keep looking for new keywords and update your website, links, and content. Always run an SEO audit to check where your business and website are ranked on SERPs. This will help in further improvement. 

You may be a small business, but for others, you’re another competition. If you’re facing a problem, we are here for you. Get our services and find yourself at ease. Tell us about your project here

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