Can Marketing Automation Boost Conversions?

 Tuesday, February 18, 2020

In this modern age, there’s no room for mundane tasks and age-old marketing practices. Modern consumers have changed the way they interact with a business, and so, it becomes crucial to keep learning new technologies and embrace market trends to stay up with the competition.

So how can you keep up with the changing consumer expectations to yield the best results?

Have you thought of marketing automation? Utilizing marketing automation tools is a great way to optimize and boost your bottom line. All you need is to understand your business needs and choose the right automation tools, and once done, you can focus on your core revenue-generating activities.

What’s Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is a category of software that helps you automate your recurring or planned marketing activities across multiple digital channels. Marketing automation tools aim to optimize your marketing efforts and increase the operational efficiency and revenue for your business. Here are the top reasons to use marketing automation systems - 

  • Less repetition, more productivity
  • Reduction in staffing cost
  • Easy scheduling of posts and campaigns in advance
  • Less room for errors
  • Better revenue and sales performance
  • You can target consumers across multiple channels
  • Improves the overall marketing process
  • Better reporting

Further, marketing automation tools come in handy especially in situations when you are unavailable or do not have enough time or resources to keep things moving. In such cases, you can count on these to automate your campaigns, send newsletters, post new content online, collect lead information and drive visitors to your site even in your absence.

How Walibu’s Marketing Automation Tools Help You to Boost Conversions?

At walibu, we’ve designed feature-rich automation tools that’ll help you connect multiple touchpoints like including social media, email marketing, and content marketing etc. to make your operations more optimal. 

One of the main goals of Walibu marketing automation is to nurture prospects for long-term sales. Our campaigns are tailored with respect to your business goals. Here are a few Walibu automation tools that can help you step up your marketing campaigns.

Social Media Automation

You can always trust the power of social media to nurture engagement and drive customers to your business. At Walibu, we utilize strategic social media marketing tools to create, automate and maintain your digital impressions. Our custom social media marketing software Walibu Social Sand empowers users to pre-schedule content, optimize them and post them at the most effective time of the day to help businesses maximize their reach.

Newsletter Automation

Stay in contact with your clients year-round, plan strategic specials & promotions for each month upfront and then let our software do the rest!

Walibu Conch Contact allows you to complete your entire year of customized newsletters in one sitting with pre-scheduled delivery dates & time. Our professional team of graphic designers works with you to create email templates that fits your needs and our easy-to-use Conch Contact software can help you draft & schedule as many newsletters as you wish for the whole year.

Live Chat

When we design your websites, we also offer a live chat feature that makes you available and ready to interact for all your site visitors. Users can contact with your team with just a click on the chat icon.

Our automated response feature will help you eliminate investing time in generic Q&A and provide your users a chance to get in touch with you with just a click on the chat icon. This way your business website will work as your sales team 24/7.

Custom Software

Are you using software that doesn't maximize your performance or is not exactly what you need? Our Shells Point Developers offer Custom Software Solutions Personalized to Your Business.

When you plan to invest in off-the-shelf software, you may have to adjust your business operations as per the software features and on top of that, any of your competitors can easily buy and use it. You get no competitive advantage from your investment.

In the case of custom software, you are getting exactly what you need – specifically designed to integrate with your practices. This will help you outmatch your market competition and boost your bottom line. 

We can create best-fit software for your company's needs. Get in touch with us to discuss your idea, and our team will come up with the most optimal software solution to improve your business efficiency.  

To know more, email us to, and feel free to discuss all your marketing, technology, and design needs.