Be Friendly, Mobile Friendly.

 Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Be Friendly, Mobile Friendly.

If you haven’t noticed, people are on their devices, on them A LOT. In this era of smart devices; people are using several gadgets to stay connected to their world, so much it almost is their world. Of those devices, Mobile Phones are most popular and have hugely changed the way we live, learn, share, shop, and interact with each other.

According to Pew Research, nearly 77% of Americans own a smartphone and nearly 50% have a tablet. If a potential customer is visiting your business website, chances are more likely that the user is viewing via a mobile device. And in that case, if your website comes up with incorrect formatting and text, it will likely leave a bad impression and lower your chances to convert your visitors into clients.

Considering this growing mobile community, it has become extremely important for every business to be mobile-ready. In today’s Walibu Wednesday we’re going to talk about the importance of a Mobile- Friendly Website.

What is a Mobile-Friendly Website?

Industry known as a Responsive Website, a mobile-friendly website is the one that correctly displays on all size of devices such as Phones, Tablets, iPads, Smart TVs and Laptops. They are also known as responsive web designs which provides the same experience if visited on a cell phone or a 46-inch LCD screen.

You might think that your business website doesn’t need to be mobile friendly and most of your customers aren’t looking at your website via their phones. But according to Google more than half of the digital traffic now comes from phone devices or through phone apps.

We are an industry expert and have years of digital experience, we can say that on average our clients see anywhere from 25-60% of their traffic coming from mobile. Even at its lowest, 25% is too big to be neglected.

Another huge factor that effects rank, is how up-to-date your site is, and if your site is not mobile friendly, you’re not up-to-date and will lose rank because of it. A business website which is not mobile-friendly will negatively impact your web traffic and overall business success. Now is the time to get serious about your digital presence and implement the mobile-friendly design to your website.

Here are a few benefits of Mobile Optimized Website

  • Uniform experience across all devices
  • Positive ranking signal for search engines
  • Better mobile conversion rate
  • Better user experience
  • Better download speed
  • Cost-effective and Long-term results

You must have at some point of time stumbled upon a website that is not mobile-friendly. If you remember scrolling thought the pages looking at those messed up layout and unorganized text, you tried to pinch & zoom to read sections of the website but didn’t stayed for longer and closed the site. The same way, most of the users will not put in effort to browse a website that isn’t compatible with their devices. Odds are they’ll go back to the search results and go to one of your competitor’s website which is mobile friendly and is easy to navigate.

Walibu can help you design, develop and maintain a mobile optimized digital presence for your business. To get started email us at and we will get back to you right away!

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