Avoid the Terror of Losing Rank!

 Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The trick-or-treating, mask-wearing celebrations is almost here but before we all dust off our cat ears and shell out our pumpkins, let’s spend some time on one of the most essential digital marketing activity – Search Engine Optimization!

In today’s World of Digital Marketing, SEO has never been more important than before. Search Engine Optimization is a MUST for every business aiming to compete online.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) includes a number of activites conducted to leverage the visibility of your business website and improve its ranking in search results. There are two main parts of SEO, On-Page & Off-Page. On-Page SEO involves behind the scene efforts pertaining to website URLs, headings, subheadings, tags, keyword usage and more. Off-Page SEO efforts are focused on increasing the visibility of the website by working on external elements like link building, social media activates, and more.

Why SEO?

When you plan to enter the digital business world, your first priority is to attract as many visitors as possible, and when it comes to traffic driven by search engines, SEO is one of the most reliable and effective ways. There are many different search engines, but for the sake of working from the top down, we most commonly reference Google, since it’s the leader in the search engine world. Getting your website ranked in Google search with the right keywords can generate tone of traffic as well as business if done correctly. 

A few Interesting Facts

We at Walibu, have a team of SEO experts who constantly stay on top on the recent trends. Here are 5 of the latest & interesting facts about SEO that might make you look at the search engine market from a new perspective.

  • Object Detection in Images is a Strong Ranking Signal (correlating photos to content topics)
  • Google Has Search Evaluators to Determine the Quality of Results
  • Dwell Time Is a Metric for Google’s Ranking (time spent on the site)
  • Google Ranks Events Based upon Popularity
  • Rich Snippets Have No Direct Impact on Your Rankings, they are merely examples

Staying up with the latest trends can greatly help you elevate your website’s performance. Search Engine Optimization is a continuous process and it’s not something to just set and forget. At times, organizations stop their SEO efforts after reaching what they think is a destination rank, which in most cases will quickly fall; there is no greater horror than seeing the hard earned rank drop! And it is the worst decision to stop SEO efforts if you really want to redeem the fruits of your labor, as it will need the same or greater amount of time & efforts to rebuild your search engine rank placement.

Walibu can help you set up and maintain a strong SEO foundation and campaign that can keep your business readable and reachable online. To get started, Click Here to complete a quick SEO questionnaire for your business website or you can also email us at team@walibu.com and we will get back to you right away!

Feel free to reach out to us if you are interested in improving the online presence of your business. Our passionate and enthusiastic team will be very happy to help you grow your business. If you have any questions about this let us know!