Audience Magnets through Remarketing Lists

 Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Kudos to you if you’ve made it this far in our retargeting walkthrough! We started off with the very basics of ad retargeting. And today you know how to set up an ad retargeting campaign. This is great progress! 

But hold on. If you’re thinking you are well versed with ad remarketing now, pump the brakes. Although it’s a small part of digital marketing, it’s actually very vast in itself. And since it proves itself effective in expanding the reach of your digital marketing efforts, it deserves to be studied in detail. And hence, here we are, all set to pick you up for another ad remarketing lesson. 

For many marketers, setting up an ad retargeting campaign is the final step. That’s where you go wrong, especially if you’re in the beginning phase. Once you analyze the campaign, you’ll know it keeps the potential to function more effectively. At this point of time, you can take the help of advanced ad targeting features. One of them is Remarketing Lists for Search Ads, or as you may know them as RLSA. Let’s get to know how it may help you -

What is a Remarketing List for Search Ads?

RLSA is a tailored opportunity for you that allows you to expand your targeted audience by customizing your search ad campaigns for possible prospects. It targets specifically those users who have previously visited the website are more likely to turn into a consumer. 

In every remarketing campaign, you will focus on each of the searchers equally. However, not every searcher is equally interested in your products or services. Each of them lie differently on the interest scale. Through RLSA, you can align your efforts in accordance with the interest scale. If they lie on a high magnitude of interest, you should put more effort in the terms of bidding and keywords. It helps you to optimize your retargeting campaign by letting go of the weak conversions and focus better on the potential and strong conversions. 

How to Make RLSA Effective?

You can use RLSA effectively through the following ways-

Optimize the Bids 

As mentioned, every visitor is not serious about making a purchase for your products or services. That’s why it makes no sense to bid for each of them equally. No matter how many remarketing lists you create, bid differently for them by weighing the lists. Bid more for the section of people whose actions directly suggest more involvements and interest. For example, a person who placed items in the shopping cart is much more important than a person who just visited your website. Bid higher on the former one.

Create Broadened Keywords

Change your keyword strategy for specific groups. Include broad and general keywords that may not work otherwise. Target those keywords for a specific group of people like for someone who had made a purchase before from your website. 

Make Customized Ad Text 

If you have a variety of products or services, it’d be foolish to include all of your target audience for all of them. Each of them would be interested in different products and services. Therefore, set up different retargeting lists and customize ad text to each of the audience segments. 

RLSA can be a winning strategy for your website. It may help you expand your audience and focus on the right audience at the same time. 

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