Are you part of the MAP PACK?

 Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Local search is powerful for small businesses, According to stats 4 out of 5 consumers use search to find local information, which means if your digital presence isn’t optimized for local search, you could be missing out on 80% of your potential customers.

Learn about local SEO and its optimization in today’s Walibu Wednesday.

First let’s talk about Local SEO

Local SEO aims at optimizing your digital assets to maximize your brand visibility in and around your business location, so people living near you can easily find – learn – buy from you. Local optimization emphasizes on specific towns, cities, regions, and even states, to establish a viable medium for brand messaging on a local level. It involves optimizing the business website and its content, including local citations and backlinks, as well as local listings relevant to the location. Here Google My Business listing and social media profiles play a major role in enhancing visibility and engagement.

What is Map Pak?

You may have noticed that local listings start with 3 results, showing the business and their location on the map, these listings are called “MAP PACK” and that’s exactly where you want your business to be.

According to Google, “The Maps Pack is the group of 3 businesses that appear in a box at the top of the search results page just after the advertisements.”

In this article, you will read about various ways and strategies which will help your website to appear on top of the search results and reach the local target audience easily.

If you look for any local shops or locations on google search you will see ads followed by local 3 Pack or Map Pack on the top. You can enlist your website under Map Pack and direct qualified leads to your business website/location. There are several factors which can help you bring your website under the top local searches. Below are a few factors which can help you to improve your local rankings:

Before jumping into it lets understand a few SEO terms that can make you better comprehend the concept,

  • Local Citation - A local citation is any online mention of the name, address, and phone number for a local business.
  • User behavior – Things like website visit duration, Website visit frequency, Click Through Rate, Navigational paths, and device of access.
  • On-page SEO – It refers to both the content and HTML source code of a page that can be optimized.
  • Off-page SEO – It refers to links and other external signals.
  • NAP - Name, address and phone number.

Local SEO Map Pack Ranking Factors

  • Signals like a business (19%)

  • link (17%)

  • on-page (14%)

  • citation (13%)

  • review (13%)

  • behavioral (10%)

  • social signals (4%)

All the above play a crucial role in influencing map rankings. You can strengthen these signals by paying attention to proximity, keyword, business title, citation volume, social site engagement, and many others to increase the local SEO marketing.

Google My Business Optimization

Google My Business profile is a listing which displays the relevant contact and map information related to the business. To make the most out of it, you need to present all your business information correctly on the listing. Once you complete adding all the data you will need to verify it via post card or phone (OTP). These listings are very efficient in improving the search results ranking of your business.

How to optimize the local SEO

Local NAP citations play a versatile role in increasing the traffic of the website. Moreover, it is also helpful in inspection and streamlining the NAP consistency of the business. You can create a custom citation to differentiate your website from others based on industry and area. Local NAP citation also triggers the ranking of the site.

Optimizing your business website also plays a very important roles here by using the right title tags, meta description, header and content. Also embedding Google Map including reviews to the website is important.

Hopefully we have given you some good information that can help you better understand the digital space.  If you have any other questions about Local SEO or Map Pack or anything related to Digital Marketing, please reach out.

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