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 Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Do you consider Facebook in your Local Presence Management Strategy?

It’s important for small businesses, brands, and advertisers to stay aware of their digital activities, their location pages, and advertising opportunities on Facebook. With about two billion active users, Facebook has the largest audience in the world. And Facebook is also testing an enhanced “local search feature” that could see the social network sneaking in on Google Maps and Yelp territory.

Here are few amazing facts that can help you understand the potential of Facebook advertising.

62% of U.S. adults get news - Facebook

Most people consider Facebook as a space for casual entertainment yet nearly one-third American adults use Facebook as their primary source of news. Recently, Pew Research Center conducted a study on the scope and characteristics of social media news across 9 social networks and determined that the majority (64%) get their news from Facebook. It makes it clear that “If you want to be heard, you’d better post it on Facebook”

5 new profiles are created every second - Facebook

Facebook has more than 1.9 billion users and is constantly growing significantly. The fact “5 new users per second” addsup to a rate of 18,000 new users every hour. This may be hard to imagine but the audience on Facebook is increasing tremendously each and every day. In coming years this platform is going to have a HUGE market share.

66% of active users/daily visitors - Facebook

Facebook refers to it as “Engagement Rate”. The percentage of monthly active users that used Facebook every single day was 66% throughout 2016 and 65% throughout 2015. This shows that nearly two-thirds of the Facebook users are active each day. If such a huge portion of the audience is visiting Facebook on a daily basis, you need to be very active on this platform and never miss a chance to advertise yourself in their newsfeeds. If you maintain an active presence on Facebook, it will keep your fans engaged with your brand and provide you with a chance to make a new customer any second.

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