5 Ways to Grow your Business Starting NOW!

 Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Let’s face it, small business owners wear a lot of hats and sometimes it’s tough to not get distracted from the basics, that’s why we’ve put together this quick hit list of fundamentals every small business owner can benefit from.
Below is our list of 5 surefire ways to grow your business over the next year and hopefully you can go through this list and check off each item as something you are already doing but if not, here’s a fast reminder read from your Walibu Family. If by chance you see something you are not doing then now is the time to implement it into your business plan.

1. Offer unique services your competitor cannot. Don’t give your clients the same generic services everyone is else is offering. Make yourself unique in some way that gives that extra ‘wow’ factor. It can even be something small but make sure you stand out in the crowd.  

2. Invest in improving your company once a week. Sounds simple but when you start to get busy this is one of the first things I see go to the wayside; and it happens far too often. Make sure to have a staff meeting every week where you brainstorm on how to improve and set aside at least an hour to get feedback from your clients that week (this takes us to number 3).

3. Build (or improve) a customer retention plan. Utilizing your research and feedback from item 2, make appropriate changes and modifications, ensuring the highest satisfaction that will maximize referrals from your current clients.

4. Use professional, effective marketing to capture your target clientele. You cannot grow your business if your clients can’t find you. Find out what works and how to utilize the best marketing for your business.

5. Up your productivity by delegating. You are the expert so don’t waste precious time doing things that can be delegated. This is an easy way to free up time for the things that are more important to help you grow your business.


Walibu is dedicated to helping their small business clients reach and succeed their goals, if you have any questions about this or any other marketing let us know!

Your Walibu Family,

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