5 Creative Ways to use Instagram Stories for your business

 Wednesday, May 3, 2017

5 Creative Ways to use Instagram Stories for your business

Right approaches to utilize Instagram Stories

The content shared through Instagram stories helps engage the audience at a personal level. In this article you will discover five ways of content creation for Instagram stories to develop a personal relationship with your followers.

Here are 5 Creative Ways to use Instagram Stories for your business:

  1. A “Day“ of Your Business – You can use photos and videos of your work place to create Instagram stories. You don’t need to be a superstar photographer/videographer for developing this content. In fact videos can be an awesome way to showcase your work life to all your followers. Such videos give the viewers a personal touch of your brand and it’s an opportunity to make your business more interactive with all your audience. The best thing about Instagram stories is that it is quick and spontaneous. 
  2. Mini-articles about Blog – Instagram stories are a creative way to share your blog posts over to your audience. Many users on Instagram show interest on “how to” topics wherein you can talk about things related to your business, cooking, decorating ideas, household topics or almost anything you feel that would be interesting to read or watch. The viewers are guided to the website from the Instagram story window. Moving ahead from the traditional Email blog campaigns, Instagram stories is really an effective way for blog sharing.
  3. Instagram Live Broadcast – Now we have Instagram live feature similar to the one offered on the Facebook platform. Audience can be informed about the live broadcast schedule beforehand through Instagram stories and you can encourage more participation. One of the key benefits of broadcasting Instagram live is that it gives all your followers a notification when you start a live video. Real time interaction is possible through this medium with all your followers. Companies are conducting number of informative and interactive sessions about their brand over Instagram Live. Brands are sharing live content on both Facebook and Instagram to cater to maximum audience.
  4. Product in Action – Instagram stories have made product promotions very easy and genuine. It is a great way to demonstrate how people can use your products. The idea is very effective with physical product. Key things to keep in mind is to well prepare before conducting any live streaming about your product to make sure there is no error. Ultimately your content should be entertaining to the viewers and also motivate them to make a purchase without any aggressive sales promotion.
  5. Celebrate a Company Milestone – Create an Instagram story focused on a recent achievement or company anniversary. Highlight some of the great accomplishments that the company made during the past years. You can also include employees interaction wherein they talk about their experience so far working at your company. You will discover that your business has much more to talk about when you humanize it and interact with followers on Instagram stories.

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