3 Ways to Promote an Event by using Facebook and Instagram

 Wednesday, August 9, 2017

3 Ways to Market Your Business

Social media sites have changed the way businesses market themselves. You will agree that Facebook and Instagram have emerged as the much-needed driving force for leveraging and maximizing the reach of businesses. Here are three approaches to promote your business events on Facebook and Instagram. 

  1. Facebook for Remarketing 

    Remarketing can help reach out to people who are informed or are interested in your event but have not yet made a purchase decision. The campaign strategy is pretty simple; your advertisement reaches people that you target, many/few of them express interest and visit the event page to know more about the event- but not all of them make the purchase decision. Remarketing the event helps you reach out to the audience who showed interest in the event but have not enrolled for it yet. Facebook offers an option to exclude the people who already made a purchase from the custom target audience. This target refinement helps to improve the efficiency of your online campaign.

  2. Advantage of Instagram 

    Who doesn't love photos and videos over lengthy text? With Instagram you can utilize just that; photos & videos to promote an event. Make sure the short introductory promotional footage motivates the viewers to visit your event page. Take the best glimpse of the event and click pictures of the most influential attendees on the big day. You can upload this content after the event by tagging the attendees, it is an excellent way to start a buzz about the recurring event. It will encourage the audience who missed the event this time, to enroll early for the next event. 
  3. Event Hashtags

    There is no better way to create a buzz about an event rather than using a creative phrase online. Hashtags give your audience an expression to relate with the event. It also lets you identify the online content which refers to your event. Event hashtags also help attendees to find each other and is an easy way for media & news organizations to learn about your events and publish stories.

There are millions of people who use Instagram & Facebook to learn about events and make their purchase decision by viewing the content posted by these event pages. Marketing your events on social media can help you leverage your event attendees. You just need to have a little innovativeness and your next gathering will be a huge success.

This is just a quick and general run down of marketing essentials but feel free to reach out to us if you are interested in improving the presence of your business. Our passionate and enthusiastic team will be very happy to help you grow your business. If you have any questions about this let us know!

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