2020 Digital Marketing Trends!

 Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Ring in this New Year with an updated marketing plan! 

Small businesses can get a head start with their marketing efforts by anticipating digital marketing trends. Keeping up with these trends will help you nurture more engagement and generate higher revenue. All you need is a strategic marketing partner and a vision to chase growth. 

Today, team Walibu has curated for you the best of digital marketing trends that can give a boost to your existing marketing efforts. Have a read and see how they can help you taste the fruit of success - 

Interactive Content

Keep the conversation going, get your audience involved, and try to publish content that is interactive. Digital engagement plays a very important role when it comes to your virtual brand presence. Also, interactive content on your website can bring in more organic traffic as it also adds to your search engine optimization strategy.

Google is continually evolving, and BERT, the company's new algorithm, is going to remain an integral focus in the coming year. BERT is able to understand search structure better so that results are more refined. Google is getting smarter, and to provide better results for a query, BERT will demand better-flowing content that really digs deep into the subject matter and can answer a search query.

Voice Search

Not only is voice search convenient, but it makes a huge difference in the way users search on the internet. Voice search has made searching the internet easier for almost everyone, especially elderly people, people with disabilities, and kids who are growing up talking to devices around them.

Voice search is only going to get BIGGER as smart devices like Amazon Echo & Google Home are gaining wider adoption across the globe. And whoever is not exploring ways to adopt this new way of communication may find their business left behind.

Video Content

Today people are addicted to their phones and are hungry for FAST information. They will prefer to spend a few seconds/minutes watching a video than spending time reading long text. 

On top of that, videos also help communicate maximum information in minimum time. Another benefit of video is it crosses platforms and mediums easily; you can place them on your website, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or almost any other social platform to maximize exposure. Best of all, you can use video content to enhance your SEO and optimize your business presence to rank on the top search engine result pages.

Social Media

Social Media has become an important part of our daily lives, personally and professionally. Social Media has always been the most favorite platform for effective targeted advertising. Consumers are now purchasing directly from social media as well. Therefore, local businesses must build a strong brand presence and run creative campaigns on social media.

Facebook ad platform offers plenty of targeting options so you can narrow down your audience concerning demographics, location, behaviors, and more. And it also offers you to run your ads across Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, and Messenger on mobile and desktop. With Facebook Pixel, you can also modify your target audience to improve campaign performance.

Walibu can help you design, develop, and maintain a strong presence on the internet. We’ll work to help you promote your brand and attract new customers for better business performance. 

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Happy New Year 2020!!