2017 Marketing Trends for your Business

 Wednesday, January 25, 2017

To say I have the newest trends that will happen in 2017 would be a lie. No one knows what this new year will hold but I do know the tried and true trends that will continue on and by my calculations with our new and upcoming clients (aka: millennials) will become even more exaggerated. Focusing on these will increase client satisfaction and up your marketing return for 2017.

They want it and they want it now!

Instant gratification is the key phrase. We live in a world where you can order you coffee on your phone before leaving the house and have it ready for pickup when you arrive. You can even prepay on apps. Everyone is in a hurry and want their services offered faster and easier than before. Who waits around anymore? We have shopping for pretty much anything you can think of that will arrive at our door in two days (or less). And depending on the services you provide you need to be prepared to compete with this kind of service. These companies are booming because they are appealing to the needs and wants of the average client.

Offer a service that will make their lives better

Everyone wants something that will make things easier for them. The less thought they have to put into the happier they will be. Positive reviews usually have something in them along the lines of “they made it so easy” or “they took care of everything”. This is the ‘feel good’ feeling you need your clients leaving with. No matter what you offer you want to make sure the communication is there with timely responses, the service is fast and done to the expectation of the client and the end result leaves them with a smile. Make sure to follow up afterwards as well to get feedback. This is something that gets looked over sometimes so I want to stress how important this is. For one, you get positive feedback to use on your website and social outlets. And second, if it’s not so positive then you know what you need to work on to make sure you can resolve it and improve your service for the next client.

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