Meet the Founder: Ben Paulsen

An entrepreneur whose purpose is to help fellow entrepreneurs grow and succeed.

Growing up, I admired my father, the hardest-working man I knew. His dedication to the construction company he served was unwavering, yet one day, due to corporate shifts, he was let go. Witnessing his struggle profoundly impacted me; from then on, I was determined to be an entrepreneur.

After graduating from UCSB during the dotcom boom, my roommates and I moved to the Bay Area, ignited by entrepreneurial dreams and the need to make ends meet. I honed my skills as a web and graphic designer at a Bay Area startup and pursued my own startup. But when the bubble burst, we shifted to San Diego, where I served as Webmaster for NBC San Diego before returning to Northern California. Back in Norcal, I took classes at UCSF and Stanford University and also created software for the Wine, Manufacturing, and Mortgage Industries.

In 2007, I channeled my passion for web, software development, and graphic design into founding Walibu—a software and digital marketing company with a mission to empower other entrepreneurs in the digital age. Since then, we've supported countless business owners, crafted thousands of websites and software applications, and built a team that extends our global reach. Our success is not just in the platforms we create, but in the stability and growth we foster in the entrepreneurial community.

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A Web Company that Will Rock your Internet World!

What makes Walibu unique is that we target your market utilizing powerful proprietary technologies & automation software not available from others, allowing us to capture your market and develop extraordinarily visible campaigns, high organic placement, online identities, tracking leads, clients, conversions, and incredible results.

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What makes us such a great team? Probably the fact that we are downright excellent at what we do! 

We want to take a moment to thank you for considering Walibu for your marketing, technology and design needs. We were founded on the concept of close attention to customer service, superior designs, development, and marketing. Our company comprises only certified designers, developers, and internet marketing geniuses! Our attention to the mission and vision of other local businesses and their goals to succeed online has truly set us apart from the competition!

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Having creatively developed unique website designs and interactive marketing campaigns for years, Walibu has the right hot sauce flavor for you! One taste of the Walibu interactive New Media Marketing strategy will make your business crave more! We value your time and money. That's why we deliver results on time, on budget, and to expectations. Your business is our business because we grow only when you grow. To give you an idea of who we are:
  • Marketing Magicians
  • Extremely Skilled Software Developers
  • Search Engine Optimization Connoisseur's
  • Social Media Masters
  • Brilliant Designers & Brand Creators
  • Copywriters
  • Friends and Family
  • Your neighbor & more "Marketing Paradise"

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